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learn about jessie and Kat

Why have we created this course just for you?

Hey, we’re Jessie Reimers and Kat Abianac, and we’ve been friends for a couple of years.

We met at a networking event on the Gold Coast, after hearing about each other a lot from mutual friends.

At the time, Jessie had just gone from being on welfare with multiple health issues while raising her children, to earning $13,000 a month from her network marketing business sharing her knowledge and skills, and Kat was working in social media while she generously served her communities and helped heartfelt, inspiring stories trend around the world on Facebook and beyond.


Jessie Reimers is a 26 year old doTERRA Presidential Diamond Leader and Course Creator, went from Welfare to 1 million annually in just 2.5 years. How? Because she builds raving fans online by sharing from the heart.

Recently, they got together again at a Mastermind in Brisbane, Australia.

Boy, had a lot changed.

Jessie had 8x’ed her income.

Kat had achieved her goals and was ready for bigger things.

Jessie is now earning $100,000 a month in her business - she does far more than simple ‘network marketing’. Now having achieved the highest rank in her organisation, Doterra’s Presidential Diamond status, she’d just spent the last two years serving her community from the soul while setting her family up for further financial abundance.

Kat had just finished up her much-loved job as a Social Media Director for a major influencer, to spend more time with her children and to launch her own Digital Media company. A content strategist and authority marketing expert. A writer for HuffPost and many major worldwide parenting media platforms, advisor for a number of niche influencers and trendsetters.

Kat turned to Jessie at dinner, after their Mastermind day.

Kat Abianac, Social Media Expert and Viral Content Creator, just google her and see the places she’s been published online all over the world.

“Jessie, remember last year when you didn’t know how to install Google Analytics on your website? Hilarious. And look how successful you still are. Did you even log in, after I set it all up for you?”

Jessie replied. “Yeah, all that crud is what prevents people from reaching success. I told you. The tech stuff that slows them down and just gives them more to get frustrated about, give up. I haven’t needed it once.”

“We both know what ACTUALLY builds influence, to share from the heart and give people what they need. All you need is a laptop, the basics, stuff the rest. Get the basics right, show up and do the work.”

“People constantly ask me to show them how I use social media, because they know as a byproduct, it’s given me the financial abundance. And SO many of them are already successful in their lives, their businesses OFFLINE. They just need to learn what we do. We keep talking about it. So let’s do it, Kat.”

“I have all the financial abundance I need. We should help BOTH our communities. No unnecessary tech stuff and banging on about stuff they don’t even need.”

Jessie finished with, “Let’s just give them EXACTLY what they need. And get them making money, too. Let’s make a course together and fix their problems. ”

Kat and Jessie finished dinner. Then they sat at that restaurant table, and didn’t move for 2 hours.

Surrounded by successful, inspiring people they’d waited months to meet, they shut out the world and conversations, and got to work.

Kat pulled her laptop out and together they mapped out an entire plan to truly start serving their communities in a big way.

They were about to help other achieve their own success.

With Kat’s social media expertise in crafting content that converts with clicks, communities and true engagement, and Jessie’s honesty, incredible work ethic and ability to sell with soul, they knew what they created would be EPIC.

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They wanted people who invested in them, to come out knowing how to:

 - Make a simple freaking landing page that WORKS to capture leads and convert sales
- Run simple webinars with a call to action at the end and optimise your youtube channel for maximum engagement and replays
- Create free challenges and opt ins to continue list building
- Learn how to make basic, automated follow up series (70% of companies don’t use their email list, what the HECK, these people just want to hear from you!)
- Know what a Sales Funnel is- and have one making sales while you sleep
- Understand the value of getting people on your mailing list, and then USE IT.
- Create an audience on social media, to educate and empower. And build it!
- How to run Facebook ads. (The easy way, not paying someone $1500+ a month when you still have to give them the images and write your own sales copy.)

CASE STUDY: How Kat helped Jessie Reimers reach even MORE people with her life changing products & opportunity

“Optimising my Facebook ads changed so much for me. I didn’t realise how many people needed what I had, but weren’t even seeing my stuff.”

Facebook serves your post to an average of 3% of your audience.
Then, based on how people interact, the algorithm will serve it to more followers.

‘But why is it needed, if I’m doing social media right, and people are seeing me in groups or visiting my website?’

Because you have the solution to their problem. Isn’t it fair that you make sure they’re seeing it? Think about your favourite Facebook pages. Can you remember their last three posts? You probably weren’t served all three on your timeline.

Think about that awesome product you’ve been after for ages. You went to buy it recently, from their page but ended up leaving in your cart because your purse was downstairs. Were you retargeted well with ads to remind you of it, and get you to come back? Probably not.

Annoying, hey? You’re a loyal customer, but it’s human nature. There’s not enough hours in the day to do everything you mean to, unless you keep seeing it show up.

Soon, you’ll know how to retarget your loyal followers - the ones who actually WANT what you’ve got.

Jessie learned how to create Facebook custom audiences- who were most likely to NEED what she offered. And using sales funnels and her plethora of marketing skills, her tribe just grew and grew.

Look, we could make this list a mile long.

But we don’t need to.

We have the solutions to YOUR problem, and we’re just going to SHOW you instead.

So, by the time you’ve finished working through this course, you’ll end up with:

  • Your newly revamped Facebook page, where you’ll share from the heart without fear

  • Being ACTUALLY visible online, and able to cut through the noise

  • Proven sales funnels- you’ll physically receive our exact funnels, to make sales while you sleep without feeling icky

  • Your email sequence, delivering your subscribers exactly what they should be hearing from you

  • Build your audience of raving fans

  • And much more…

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