A Victor By Choice

If you’re like me, you are thinking, “I don’t have anxious feelings.”

Because I really don’t in the same way that other people do. You see, when I start to feel like something may be too hard, or that there is somebody lurking just out of my sight, or that one of the scenes from that movie that is stuck in my head will become reality if I fall asleep, I ACTION it away.  I muscle up the courage and I just DO the hard thing.  In fact, I have a whole tribe of people who do those hard things along with me – so much that we have re-named them “heart” things just so we can flip them to a positive way of thinking about them.  I flip on the light.  I grab my huge flashlight (that one that I really could use as a baseball bat) and go find where the noise is coming from.

I write. I go get a drink of water. I move.
I serve. I take action.

Why? Because I have spent hours paralyzed. Literally.  Frozen and afraid to even breathe.

But I am a victor by choice.

I had a friend recently ask me if I had any idea how unusual I am and it took me off guard. How I just instinctively look for solutions and how to have good outcomes even in dire situations? You see, I thought that this way I have learned to respond; how I take action, was just what humans do.

There are two choices in my mind:  take action or be paralyzed. When I am paralyzed, it never gets any better. Her question has brought to the surface a few realizations for me. I am different. I have found solutions. And there are many others who need what I know.

I created this printable for a presentation I did this week.  Download your own here so you can print one for your car, for your mirror, for your desk drawer, for your nightstand or wherever your “life movie” scenes tend to start playing for you.  Put these anywhere it will help you.  It’s an action.  You are a victor by choice. You can do HEART things.

Cheering you on!